Public Forms

Vehicle Unlock

The Sheriff’s Office will provide emergency vehicle lock out services if your keys are locked inside.  Contact the office at 648-2491 if you need this service.  The following form will need to be filled out before we can open your vehicle.

Vehicle Unlock Request Form (PDF – Portable Document Format)

Vacation Watch

If you are going to be away on vacation then the Sheriff’s Office will check your property when manpower is available.  To utilize this service please fill out this form and fax it to 648-2296.

Home/Business Watch Form (PDF – Portable Document Format)

Complaint Form

If you have a complaint against the Sheriff’s Office or a particular Deputy you can complete the following form to register that complaint.  ALL complaints must be signed.  Be sure and read all of the form before signing.

Citizens Complaint Form (PDF – Portable Document Format)

Property Identification

The Sheriff’s Office has instituted a program where citizens of the county have the opportunity to engrave their property to help deter theft.  Several engravers are available for the citizens to check out and engrave their property.  We suggest that the items be marked with the last digits of your phone number, last four digits of your social security number, initials or some other unique identifier so that the item can be identified.  The form for recording this information is available even if you do not want to check out the engraver.

Property List Form (PDF – Portable Document Format)