History Of The Sheriff

Marvin Munger was appointed the county’s first sheriff by the governor in 1845 to serve until the election. He was elected in 1846 to a two-year term.

In 1860 the county erected the first jail ever built in the county. Hewn white oak logs, twelve inches square and eighteen feet long were used in its construction. Holes were bored from top to bottom through the logs at each corner and one inch rods held the corners firmly together. The floor and ceiling were made of the same materials as the wall and steel grates were put in for windows. The inside of the walls were sealed with white oak lumber and the whole surface filled with large nails. The jail was put up for the county by William Reese, who for many years lived on Brushy Creek in this county. A young man by the name of Buckner of Iron County was the first man confined in the jail. Young Buckner had been indicted in Iron County for killing his father, and had been moved to this county on a change of venue. The next man placed in jail was William Chronister of this County. He was charged with cutting and wounding, with intent to kill a man by the name of Stegall who lived at that time on Logan’s Creek about one mile west of Ellington in this County.
Sheriff’s of Reynolds County

1846-1847 Marvin Munger

1848-1851 Gamblin Weeks

1852-1855 Thomas Harrison

1856-1857 Isaac W. Cotton

1858-1860 Granville J. Carty

1864-1965 Josiah B. Barnes

1870’s was here for 2 terms Benjamin Carter

1878 Elvis Harrison

1880-1881 Lampson Larkin

1882-1883 E. Harrison

1884-1887 James Jamison

1888-1891 Richard Piles

1892-1895 Joe A. Baker

1896-1900 Lee B. Bowers

1901-1902 James M. Botkin

1903-1906 Thomas J. Jordan

1911-1912 H.L. Fitts

1913-1916 Robert L. Parks

1917-1920 J.T. Rosa (James)

1921-1924 Alfred T. Shy

1925-1928 Edward F. Buffington

1929-1932 H.L. Fitts

1933-1936 M.M. Jamison

1937-1940 Chas Reed (Charles)

1941-1944 Edward F. Buffington

1945-1948 Cass Laxton

1949-1958 Charlie Reed

1959-1968 Timon Johnson

1969-1972 Bill Scott

1973-1980 Paul Price

1981-1984 Oliver Laxton

1985-2008 Gary Barton

2009-2016 Tom Volner

2017-Present Tom Stout