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Carry Concealed Weapons Permit Applications

New Applicant Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age to apply.
  • Must be a Reynolds County resident.
  • Pass a course from one of Reynolds County’s Approved Instructors.

After meeting the requirements, visit the Sheriff’s Office with the following information:

  • Certificate of Qualification you received from your class.
  • $100.00 check made payable to the Reynolds County Sheriff’s Office.
  • A valid Missouri driver’s license.

It will take up to 45 days to process your permit application due to a mandatory criminal records check through the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Upon completion, the sheriff will approve or disapprove your application based on any criminal record or other factors required by law and you will be notified to pick up your permit. Missouri law requires this permit be taken to the Driver’s License Bureau within seven days to be issued.


You may renew your C.C.W. permit up to 30 days before the expiration date.


  • Pay a fee of $50.00 with a check made payable to the Reynolds County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Bring your current C.C.W. license

Missouri law mandates that you only have seven (7) days to renew your license at the license bureau once we issue the permit. Missouri will honor your out of state CCW until it expires.  At which time you will either need to renew your CCW in the state it was issued or take a Missouri CCW training course.

Acceptable Training

  • Certificate of Qualification from one of Reynolds County’s Approved Instructors.
  • Retirement credentials for commissioned officers.
  • Letter from police agency stating that you are a commissioned officer with their agency so long as the Sheriff of Reynolds County approves it.


Our office holds a high level of respect and admiration for our citizens who honor the 2nd amendment and further exercise their individual rights by obtaining a concealed carry permit.  We believe that freedom, education, and training are very important in our free society. This is a fundamental freedom which was strongly desired by our founding fathers and should not be infringed upon.